Below we list Green Party County Council and Town Council Councillors and how you can get in touch with them.

Dorset Council


Belinda Bawden (Lyme & Charmouth)
01305 216511


Kelvin Clayton (Bridport)
Twitter: @kelvinclaytongp
07952 179850


Brian Heatley (Rodwell and Wyke)
01305 816514
07824 774941
I prefer to be contacted 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday


Jon Orrell (Weymouth Town)
01305 772152


Clare Sutton (Rodwell and Wyke)
01305 771180

Town Councillors 

Bridport Town Council

Bridport South
Karen Hunt:
Kelvin Clayton:

Bridport North
Julian Jones:
Ros Kayes:


Lyme Regis Town Council

Belinda Bawden:
Rob Smith:


Weymouth Town Council

Weymouth East
Graham Lambert
07972 502 340

Melcombe Regis
Jon Orrell

Wyke Regis
Helen Toft
01305 239839



In May 2019 we were delighted to report that four Greens were elected to the new Dorset Council.

Kelvin, Jon, Clare and Brian at the count in 2019


Above: Kelvin Clayton (Bridport), Jon Orrell (Melcombe Regis), Clare Sutton & Brian Heatley (Rodwell & Wyke).

In Weymouth, Jon Orrell was re-elected in Melcombe Reigs with 63% of the vote. Turnout was 32%. At the count Jon said people were waking up to the threat being faced by the planet, all helped by recent national and international news stories about climate change.

Clare Sutton and Brian Heatley were elected in Rodwell and Wyke whilst Kelvin Clayton becomes Bridport's first ever Green Party principal authority councillor.

Kelvin said "Thank you to the Bridport Greens for their hard work, and a massive thank you to the good citizens of Bridport for your support. I will not let you down!"

In Chesil Bank with a relatively high turnout of 47%, Vaughan Jones won 503 votes but was pipped to the post by the Conservative Mark Roberts on 595 votes.

Overall, the Conservatives won 43 out of 82 seats in Dorset, the Lib Dems 29 seats, Greens 4, Independents 4 and Labour 2 so the Tories have a wafer thin majority.

All the results in Dorset can currently be found on the council webpage here:

Congratulations to Sara Harpley on getting elected to Portland Town Council!

Town Council Results

There were yet more great results in the town council elections held on May 2nd 2019. In Bridport all four Green candidates - Karen Hunt, Ros Kayes, Julian Jones and Kelvin Clayton - were elected, and furthermore they topped the polls! There were 11 Lib Dems elected, 4 Greens, 2 Labour and 1 Conservative.

In Lyme Regis Rob Smith was elected to the Town Council for the Greens, joining Belinda Bawden


In Weymouth Jon Orrell was elected to the brand new Weymouth town council in the ward of Melcombe Regis along with Tia Roos for Labour. Graham Lambert topped the poll in Weymouth EastA Green Party member for 30 years, here is Graham at the count with partner Jacki.

Graham and Jacki




The National Picture

The Green Party nationally saw its best ever local election results in its 46 year history.  We went from 178 councillors to 362 councillors on 122 councils. You can find out more here: