Dorset Greens mount fight to save county’s youth centres

20 November 2015

The Conservative controlled County Council is looking at plans to cut the Youth Services budget by almost half.


12 November 2015

Clare Sutton won the Rodwell seat from Labour with 663 votes. Conservative candidate Richard Nickinson was second with 561 votes. Labour's Hazel Priest was third with 417 votes. Francis Drake for UKIP polled 174 votes and Graham Winter for the Lib Dems received 87 votes.

Castle Cove: Small steps in right direction

05 November 2015

Negotiations with landowners, renewed support from Councillors and a target to raise £10,000 by March 2016 to rebuild the steps are evidence of great progress. Clare said "Slowly but surely, we think we are getting there".

Boot Hill: Air Pollution is a serious threat to our public health

03 November 2015

Poor air quality and traffic congestion continue to cause misery for residents on Boot Hill (lower Rodwell Road).

Greens call for end to Weymouth’s traffic misery

20 October 2015

Green campaigners are calling on councillors to tackle traffic jams in one of Weymouth's worst polluted streets. People living along Boot Hill says their lives are being made a misery by queues of cars belching out fumes.

A Living Wage

Councillors Call for Bridport to be Living Wage Town

15 October 2015

Green Party Town Councillors Get Motion Passed

Navitus: government wasting once in a generation opportunity

11 September 2015

Dorset’s Greens are accusing the government of wasting a once in lifetime opportunity to provide clean, cheap and renewable energy by rejecting plans for the county’s offshore wind farm.

Local Greens challenge Dorset MP to Join fracking campaign

08 August 2015

Local Greens are challenging Richard Drax to join their campaign to save Dorset from fracking. The South Dorset MP has spearheaded opposition to the county’s offshore wind farm because, he says, it will spoil the view and put the area’s tourism at risk.

Dorset Greens urge Cameron to back Navitus Bay development

19 July 2015

Dorset Greens are writing an open letter to David Cameron urging him to back the Navitus Bay wind farm project.

WSDGP Annual Report 2014-15

06 July 2015

West and South Dorset Green Party Annual Report 2014-15

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