Deadline Looms for Dorset Local Plan Consultation

6 March 2021

Dorset Green Party is urging Dorset residents to make their voice heard on the Dorset Local Plan.

Chair of Dorset Green Party, Graham Lambert, says:

"Dorset Council has launched a consultation on the Dorset Local Plan. It will set the parameters for development in Dorset through till 2038, following its adoption (hoped for) in 2023. It will thus cover the last 7 years of this decade which are likely to be so crucial to determining the scale of climate change into the future.

It is at first sight a daunting prospect as it is a massive document, but you can comment on just the areas that interest you. Please have your say."

The Consultation is available online. It is live until 15th March 2021. Search Dorset Council Consultation.

A local environmental group, Dorset Climate Action Network, ("Dorset CAN") has produced some guidance for people to use to respond to the consultation. Dorset CAN is non-political and independent but many of our supporters will find their advice very useful.

Click here to download Dorset CAN's pdf guidance on responding to the local plan consultation.

And this is a Word document that you can download and use to write in your comments. There are other ways to respond to the council and these are detailed in the advice document.



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