Kelvin Clayton Selected for West Dorset

15 November 2019

Kelvin Clayton will be the Green Party candidate for West Dorset.

Kelvin Clayton

Kelvin lives in Bridport and currently serves as a town and Dorset councillor.

He says “Having worked for over thirty years as a firefighter and careers adviser, I was drawn into politics to help fight inequality and protect public services.”

“However, the last decade has convinced me that one issue is significantly more important to the future of our children and grandchildren than any other – the breakdown of our climate and natural environment.”

“The five years of the next Government spans half the time we have to take serious action. 

"I pledge to local voters that I will make the climate crisis my absolute priority. I will be campaigning very strongly for council housing to help alleviate the current situation where locals are struggling to find decent, affordable housing. In order to create Green jobs and get our local economy kick-started, I will be working hard to try and resurrect the Navitus Bay wind farm project."

"As your MP I would devote my energies to securing our future wellbeing.”


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