Calls for Letwin to support a soft Brexit

9 June 2018

Local Green Party member Chit Chong is calling on the MP for West Dorset, Oliver Letwin, to support a soft Brexit to protect jobs and environmental standards and limit the power of central government.

Mr Letwin will have the opportunity to vote for the Lords' amendments in the House of Commons on Tueday June 12th but has so far said he is instead drafting his own amendment.

In reply to him, Chit says “I am concerned that it may allow you to vote down Lord Krebs’ amendment even though in spirit and virtually letter, it may echo your own beliefs on the issue.

I am concerned that you seem to be falling into the intellectually feeble interpretation that the referendum meant that people voted to leave everything European. I recall many Leave campaigners touting Norway and Swiss relationships with the EU should they win the Brexit Vote and indeed both these models have been much touted by Brexit supporters since then. It is therefore a misleading to imbue the Brexit vote with the idea that it in anyway meant leaving everything with EU rules as this was not what was offered. The reality of global trade is that a trade deal with the EU would require the UK to follow some EU rules just as a trade deal with the US would inevitably subject the UK to some US rules.

I am also concerned that politicians seem to be using "the people's will" as a fig leaf to cover the cracks in their own relationship to their contract with the electorate in a representative democracy. This is to balance the three factors, the needs/desires of the voters with those of the elected member and those of the political parties under which they were elected. I fear that too many elected members are going with "the people's will" untempered by their personal beliefs and knowledge to the detriment of the nation and future generations. 

I therefore urge you to vote for the Lords' amendments, especially in relationship to the customs union, the overweening power of the Henry VIII clause and of course the protection of environmental legislation.”


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