Dorset Green News July 2020

Graham Lambert Welcome to our new newsletter in which we plan to keep our members up to date with all the Green Party matters.  

As you will be aware, many things have come to a halt during this Covid crisis. Politics seems to have gone on hold but locally that does not mean that Green Party Councillors have been doing nothing in their self isolation. 

The use of Zoom and other platforms means that Council business has been possible, however on some councils those with established positions have done their best to shut things down and monopolise executive responsibilities - something we shall be keeping an eye on!

Green councillors have been beavering away in the background working on a multitude of issues including the Climate Emergency. 

Wherever you look you will see that it is Green councillors who are in the forefront of pushing for responsible change. Whether it is at Unitary Council level or at the smallest Parish Council level we need more Green representation in Dorset. 

Graham Lambert, Chair, Dorset Green Party 

Black Lives Matter

Empty pedestal where Colston statue was. Photo by Caitlin Hobbs from from COVID-19, there was one issue dominating our media recently - the Black Lives Matter demonstrations. 

"The statue of Colston has acted as a reminder of the slave trade to all who pass it. This was deeply offensive to Bristol's black community. It should have been deeply offensive to us all."

Kelvin Clayton, Green Party councillor representing Bridport on Dorset Council, shares his thoughts. 






Dorset Green Parties Join Forces

Map of Dorset

Late last year, the various Green Parties in Dorset merged into one Dorset Green Party so that we now cover the same area as the Dorset Unitary Authority. This covers three and a half parliamentary constituencies - a huge area.



Here at Dorset Green Party News HQ we want to hear from you especially if you are in Gillingham, Shaftesbury, Sturminster Newton, Blandford, Wimborne, Wareham or Swanage or even just a tiny hamlet that we've never heard of!

Please tell us what is going on in your area - what are the issues? Would you be interested in standing for Dorset or your local parish council or do you know someone who might? We can help. We can also put you in touch with local members to help you form your own group to get campaigning on local issues.

Contact the Secretary on



My First Year on Dorset Council

Kelvin Clayton

Our Green Party Councillors are really starting to make a difference at a local level.

"Whilst I have experienced no conflict regarding what I believe in and what I’m trying to bring about, I have learnt that how I go about being a politician is quite a bit different from being an active campaigner."

Kelvin Clayton, shares some thoughts on his first year in the position.







Update from Green Party Councillors

Dorset Councillors plus Sara Harpley for Portland Town Council Our Councillors are working together to try and instigate real and meaningful change at a local level. 

As part of our newsletter we will be sharing some of their news and updates with you in order to keep you abreast of what they are all up to!

As you’ll see, our Councillors are focusing on a range of social issues, not just the Climate Crisis. 




Build Back Better 

Build Back Better The campaign for a coronavirus recovery plan that 'builds back better' has been gaining traction.

"As jobs are lost in the outdated and harmful parts of the economy the government must realise that what people most need is an adequate income, and how they derive that is often a secondary issue for them."

Julian Jones offers some suggestions on what we should be prioritising.



Lyme Regis Builds Back Better

Belinda BawdenBelinda Bawden, Green Party town councillor for Lyme Regis, will be setting up a Build Back Better Dorset group to link groups and individuals wishing to share ideas and best practice.

"In Lyme Regis, an early Build Back Better idea is linking the new Garden Growers group with the Community Support volunteer initiative to continue the energy, goodwill, resilience and care for the community shown during 'lock-down'. There are now over 500 active Lyme Garden Growers, some experts, some total beginners, all ages and in every part of town."





Re-visiting the Navitus Bay Offshore Windfarm 

Navitus Bay photo is  of  Middelgrunden offshore wind farm (40 MW) observed in Øresund) by Kim HansenWe clearly need a change in direction if we are to do anything to help the planet, especially when it comes to generating energy.

In Dorset, producing energy locally has to be a priority. As a result, the Green Party are keen on supporting initiatives that can help achieve this goal.

The Navitus Bay Offshore Windfarm is one such initiative.  Dorset Green Party’s Pete West explains.




National and International Green News

Time has come around again for the two-yearly leadership election of the Green Party:

Meanwhile overseas, the Green wave continues.

In Ireland the Green Party are now in coalition government and have secured a huge spending commitment to encourage walking and cycling in the "Programme for Government":

Mayors in France

In local elections in France, Greens have won the mayoralty in Lyon, Bordeaux, Strasbourg, Besançon, Poitiers, Annecy and Tours, while holding Grenoble and, after a third round contest, winning in Marseille, France's second biggest city.

Meanwhile in Paris, the pro-cycling incumbent Socialist Party mayor, Anne Hidalgo, was re-elected:


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