Green Share of the vote reaches 23 percent in Rodwell, Weymouth

Green Share of the vote reaches 23% in Rodwell, Weymouth

County Council elections were held on May 2nd 2013 for 46 seats on the council. The West and South Dorset Green Party stood a candidate in all 18 seats in West Dorset, Weymouth and Portland giving everyone in these areas the opportunity to vote Green. 4,645 people chose to do so. In Rodwell in Weymouth our popular local candidate, Clare Sutton, polled 23% of the vote, 18 votes behind the Tories with Labour winning on 29%.

Elsewhere in Dorset, the Green Party share of the vote ranged from 3% in Portland Tophill (where there were 9 candidates!) to 17.8% in Broadwey for Brian Heatley. The average Green share of the vote was 9%. This should be taken in the context of a first-past-the-post voting system where the Green Party is not usually expected to win. Many people will vote tactically for a party they actually don’t agree with, just in order to stop (for instance) the Tories from winning that seat. Where the Greens had a realistic chance of winning (for instance in Rodwell - despite what Labour election leaflets purported), then the Green vote was much greater.

The full results are fully available on the Dorset County Council website, click below.

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