(We are all in) Climate Denial

Only a few half-crazed flat-earth types still deny that the climate is heating up or that humanity is responsible. These people no longer matter, the denial that does matter is among the vast majority of us who know what is happening but don’t act accordingly. In many ways that is quite natural since the problem is global and long term while, as individuals, we live in the present and concentrate on the short term. We are vastly experienced at holding contradictory ideas in our head, putting off difficult decisions and doing things we know to be unwise!

Radical lifestyle changes are needed, yet only a tiny proportion of the population have acted on that. The Green Party believe that this results from the lack of political leadership by the main parties. People know that on their own their effort or even sacrifice is insufficient. They want a collective effort by the whole population, led by the Government. If you were in a football crowd and you attempted a chant or song single handed that would just be embarrassing; as one of 40,000 people it would be a triumph.

Our Party would support a collective effort on the scale of what this country achieved in the second world war. Then, for instance, food rationing was introduced by the Government and was strongly supported by the population because it was recognised to be both fair and necessary. As a whole our current society over-consumes and wastes on a grand scale and it is quite possible to have a smaller and fairer economy which actually improves quality of life for ordinary people. The super-rich whose only satisfaction in life seems to be squandering more and more of the world’s resources would suffer, and the sooner they do the better.

Although slowing, and eventually reversing, climate change will benefit the UK, the more important thing is that for many other parts of the world, and for many other species that is not just important, it is a matter of life or death. We have a moral responsibility to act which overrides any perceived personal interest.